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#1 Window Cleaning

Streak-free Clean Windows

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#1 Window Cleaning Service

Make Your Windows Sparkle Again

Did your windows lose the sparkle they once had? Has dirt taken over your windows, leaving you with nothing but an unclean view to look at? If so, then our Green’s Outdoor Cleaning professionals will restore the beautiful sparkle to your windows. The extravagant view does not have to disappear because of dirt. Let the Green’s Outdoor Cleaning professionals bring your vision of beauty back. Give us call to schedule an appointment for your window cleaning. 


Raving Reviews

Chris Kane
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Eric and team did a complete house clean out and did a fantastic job . They got rid of all the junk left behind, tore up all the carpeting and nails and removed all the appliances . Highly recommend this company!
D Cls
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They did a great job cleaning my house! Fair pricing. Contacted me within 24 hours of reaching out. Had the house scheduled within 48 hours of contacting them. I could not be more pleased!
Isabelle McMahon
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The whole team was professional and polite. They power washed my whole house and made my old deck look brand new. I couldn't be happier with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Let Us Tackle the Challenge

Why Do I Need A Window Cleaning Professional?

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Window cleaning may seem like a simple and easy task but it can  actually be a complicated and even dangerous task if you attempt to clean them yourself. Fortunately, our Green’s Outdoor Cleaning professionals are skilled and experienced in cleaning windows of all kinds. With the use of a ladder being the number 1 cause of home-related injuries, our window cleaning professionals will clean those hard to reach windows, leaving you without worry of having to leave the dirt behind. We are able to safely clean high windows without the use of ladders by using our specifically-designed carbon fiber, water-fed poles, able to reach over 50 feet.

Once our window cleaning professionals enter inside your home to clean your windows, our Green’s Outdoor Cleaning experts will take precautions to protect your furnishings and floor. We are equipped with drop cloths and booties covering our shoes, making your feel more at ease about any mess made.


We will restore the glow in your windows with our professional window cleaning process. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your professional window cleaning.

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#1 Home Improvement Service


We Clean Windows the Right Way

As a small business located in NEPA and serving the greater Pennsylvania area, we take great pride in our work and it shows. Our staff is filled with joy while watching dirt gracefully fall off windows. Even better is leaving our customers home knowing they are amazed by our work and the optical clarity of their clean windows. However, for our clean and experienced work to be effective, we must first:

Visual Inspection – Our professionals always start every job by asking “How long has it been since your windows have been cleaned.” The reason for this question is because of time and attention. A window that hasn’t been cleaned in 1 year is far easier to clean than one that hasn’t been cleaned in 20.


We Have the Right Equipment – Unlike some window cleaning companies, we don’t show up to your home with a step ladder, paper towels, and that famous blue glass cleaner, expecting for your windows to get the perfect clean they deserve. Our window cleaning technicians use specific cleaning solutions, squeegees and pure water technology to get your windows clean and make them  look like new.


Final Inspection – Once our window cleaning expert is finished with cleaning your windows, they will do a final walkthrough to ensure every window has been cleaned and is up to your standard. We guarantee your glass will be streak-free before our trucks leave the driveway.

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Don't Let Dirt Buildup On Your Windows

Why Do My Windows Need to Be Cleaned?

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Dirty windows can be a bad representation of your home. If not properly cleaned, you may even lose the admiration and curb appeal your home deserves. However, with the help of our Green’s professionals, your dirty windows do not have to continue to be an embarrassing problem. With a professional window cleaning, your beautiful windows will be introduced to many benefits. 

Extended Window Life – Dirt on windows can cause etched glass, making it susceptible to cracking or chipping.

Get Rid of the Mold – Your windows are at risk of  unsightly dark black spots or mold appearing on your windows. Unfortunately, window condensation can create the ideal place for mold to thrive and become a big problem.  Mold can also be present between the glass and casing in your window, making it difficult to notice. A professional window cleaning will restore your windows back to being beautiful.

Prevent Insects and Pests – Having your windows professionally cleaned by our Green’s window cleaning professionals means you will not have to worry about wasps, ladybugs, and spiders inhabiting your home. Once our window cleaning experts clean your windows, it’s the perfect opportunity to find and remove insect nests.

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