Owning a fleet of trucks can be a profitable business, but like any other, there are maintenance and cleaning needs required to improve the condition of the trucks and extend their lifespan.

Although you may find truck stop washing stations in Pennsylvania, most of the time, they are not as efficient as you’d wish, and only offer general cleaning services. Options for professional fleet cleaning services, like Green’s Outdoor Cleaning, offer a wider variety of services. We provide personalized service in Pennsylvania, serving Lackawanna County, Monroe County, Wayne County, and Wyoming County, PA. 


Professional & Reliable Truck Fleet Washing

Unlike truck stop washing stations, Green’s Outdoor Cleaning adapts our services according to the client’s requirements and needs. Our experienced and professional team will leave your truck fleet looking like new. We make one of your most important tasks easier. Getting your trucks properly cleaned will never feel so simple.

Trucking companies and owner-operators in northern Pennsylvania trust us for the quality of our work, and for other reasons, including:

We’re Fast & Reliable

No matter where you’re located or if you’re on the move, you can schedule our services anywhere from Lackawanna County, Monroe County, Wayne County, or Wyoming County, PA, and we will be there. In no time, your truck will look perfect and be back on the road.

Our Attention to Detail

Our staff will inspect and clean your trucks from top to bottom. You’ll never have to worry about missed spots, rust or grime left behind under the trucks, because our work is always thorough and detailed.

Our State-of-the-art Equipment

We work with modern and heavy-duty power washing equipment, capable of efficiently cleaning and removing dirt, grime, and other debris picked up when hauling.

Build Trust by Cleaning Your Trucks

 A dirty or damaged truck will generate distrust and cost you a lot of money in repairs or lost jobs in the long run. By maintaining your truck fleet cleaned, you also build trust among clients. Trucks are susceptible to corrosion and severe damage when they aren’t well taken care of and cleaned.

Green’s Outdoor Cleaning can adjust and personalize the services according to your needs and cleaning frequency. We are your truck fleet washing company in northern Pennsylvania.