Dryer Vent Cleaning

Getting Serious About Cleaning your Dryer Vent

Whether you realize it or not, your dryer can case a lot more issues to your house then you could possibly imagine. Dryers and their vents that do not go without inspection and cleaning can be serious liabilities and are responsible for thousands of house fires every year. 

At Green’s Outdoor Cleaning, they are committed to making sure that homes in the Northeastern area are operating with safe dryer conditions when they are on the job. Call them at 570-483-8855 to see how easy it is to get additional dryer cleaning services with other jobs. In the meantime, lets see how important it is to have your dryer vent cleaned.

What is a dryer vent?

Just like a car has an exhaust pipe to release the heat and fumes it produces, your dryer has a very similar system. Your dryer uses hot air to dry your clothes and needs someway to release the excess hot air and moisture that builds up as a result. 


To combat this, dryers have an exhaust vent that goes from the back of the unit to the outside where the hot and wet air can be released. These pipes are generally made of a flexible metal and you can find the vents on the outside of your home generally near your dryer. 

Why you need to clean it

If you have taken the time to look at the lint filter in your dryer, you can see how much debris is left over after just one cycle. Now imagine that some of that highly flammable material isn’t picked up and begins to get stored in the exhaust vent where hot air is constantly being released. 


If these events get clogged with lint and other material, there is a serious risk of fire that can cause unimaginable devastation to your home. Getting your vent cleaned will prevent such an accident by clearing the way for the hot air so it can better escape without issues.

How often should you get it cleaned?

In general, you will want to get your dryer vents cleaned at least twice a year. Call {company] at 570-483-8855 to see how easy it is to add this service on to your other bi-yearly cleanings.


Your dryer vent may not have seemed like such a serious concern, but now that you understand just how volatile tit can become, make sure to check up on it and  get it cleaned. 

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