A driveway in bad conditions can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal. If your driveway is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, power washing is the best way to restore it. If done properly, this deep cleaning process can easily remove stains, oil, dirt, algae, and moss from many surfaces.

Give your driveway a new look in just a few simple steps with safety gear and a pressure washer. 

Step 1: Clean Your Driveway 

Clean the dirt from your driveway and surrounding areas using a brush or a push broom. Secure all electrical outlets near the area you are pressure washing and cover anything that could be damaged using tarps or duck tape. 

Step 2: Degrease the Concrete Surface

Driveways are susceptible to grease and oil stains. Applying a degreaser will help loosen any stubborn stains on the concrete surface. Some pressure washers have an attachment tool that can be used to degrease. If yours doesn’t include one then you will have to scrub the degreaser into the concrete using a push broom or a stiff-bristled brush.

Step 3: Get Your Pressure Washer Ready

Using the right detergent can mean the difference between cleaning and destroying what you are pressure washing. Load your pressure washer with the right type and amount of cleaning solution. Each pressure washer works differently. Check the washer´s manual to set it up correctly.

Step 4: Get Your Safety Gear

While the water spray released by pressure washers might seem harmless, that thin stream of water is extremely powerful and can be quite dangerous if misdirected. Make sure you are using the proper safety gear when spraying. Avoid dangerous accidents using protective clothing, rubber gloves, rubber boots, and safety glasses or a full face field.

Step 5: Pressure Wash the Concrete Surface

Spray the cleaning solution in the concrete surface and let it sit from 10 to 15 minutes, without letting it dry up. Not all cleaning solutions are the same, some detergents dry faster than others. Read the labels of the chemicals you are using to make sure you are applying them appropriately.

Step 6: Apply Concrete Sealer

Apply concrete sealer once your driveway has dried off. Driveway sealing will protect the concrete surface from oil sunlight, oil spill, leaks. Apply the sealer using a paint roller and wait until it dries.

Your Safety

Pressure washing your driveway is only a good idea if you have the skills needed. Don’t underestimate the strength of a pressure washer, its improper use could cause dangerous injuries and property damage.

If you want to upgrade the look of your exterior spaces but feel like pressure washing is above your skill level your best choice is to look for professional cleaners.

Give Your Driveway a New Look With Green’s Outdoor Cleaning

At Green’s Outdoor Cleaning, we use the latest pressure washing technology. Whether you need to clean your driveway, deck, or roof, our trained technicians have the right equipment, products, and experience to do the job efficiently while keeping you and them safe.



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