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Benefits of getting your fleet vehicles cleaned properly

Getting your fleet of trucks where they need to go without fail is already a monumental task on normal occasions. When you have to do so with trucks that are dirty and in desperate need of cleaning, the task is even greater. Thankfully, getting your fleet of trucks cleaned properly is easier than ever before. 


Green’s Outdoor Cleaning is able to deliver new levels of cleaning to truck fleets in the Northeastern area by providing personalized and professional care to your most valuable resource. Reach out at 570-483-8855 to hear more about the benefits of getting your fleet vehicles cleaned that we will learn about in this article. 

Extended vehicle lifespan

Considering how much any given truck has to drive in its lifespan, it is essential that every truck in a fleet is ready for action at a moments notice. However, some of the biggest threats to a trucking fleet are not other cars or traffic, but the issues you can’t even see.


Trucks are susceptible to dirt, rust, and grime of all varieties from their normal operating routes that can cause corrosion and serious damage to the trucks. Thankfully, getting a proper cleaning for your vehicles will get rid of the buildup and help extend your vehicles lifespan even more. 

More professional image

With large logos and an image to sell, what your trucks look like is equally if not more important than what hey are hauling. A truck that looks bad sends a certain message about the company that owns it and turns away potential customers.


Getting your fleet cleaned will create a sense of reliability and trustworthiness for your company that will leave customers and potential clients impressed with your professionalism. A professional cleaning service can have your trucks looking brand new in no time at all.

More efficient

Every trucker knows how bad the truck stop washing stations are, so having a new and efficient service available is a real treat. Fleet cleaning services operate with more efficiency and care than the generic washing systems and also do more to help protect the environment and your trucks. 


From pickups to semis, having a clean fleet can help save and make you money at the same time. Understanding the importance of a clean fleet makes the benefits we looked at and many more easily worth it to get your fleet looking its best. 

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